Teaching Therapeutic Jurisprudence

This law review article by Professor David Yamada is an excellent resource for teachers interested in teaching Therapeutic Jurisprudence:   “Teaching Therapeutic Jurisprudence”

Wine & Bottles

An effective methodology for student activities in the TJ area is the “Wine & Bottles” methodology.  It can provide a framework for student’s examining a law and/or a legal process for it’s TJ attributes and potential.   To read more about this go to Wine & Bottles.


The need for care of the mental health of law students is highlighted in this blog post “Lawyer Depression Begins in School?”

Text Books

“Non-adversarial Justice” King, Freiberg, Batagol & Hyams 2nd Edition: Federation Press.

“Transforming Criminal Justice” Donoghue:  Routledge

“Therapeutic Jurisprudence: New Zealand Perspectives” Brookbanks (Ed.), Thompson Reuters NZ

“The Futures of Legal Education and the Legal Profession” Edited by Hilary Sommerlad, Sonia Harris-Short, Steven Vaughan and Richard Young, Hart Publishing

TJ Resources and Bibliographies

The Suffolk University Law Review hosts a collection of TJ articles: Link

Searchable TJ bibliography hosts TJ resources on a range of topics and in various languages

The Australasian TJ Clearinghouse hosts a range of TJ links

More resources coming soon…follow this blog to get updates (click on “follow” on the right)

Got a resource to share?  Email us:   mainstreamtj@gmail.com

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