Barbara A. Babb, Associate Professor of Law and Director Sayra and Neil Meyerhoff Center for Families, Children and the Courts (CFCC), University of Baltimore School of Law has written extensively on the application of Therapeutic Jurisprudence to mainstream family law and family courts.   Access her articles here.   Also link to the CFCC website here for an example of TJ in action in the family law arena.

Articles of interest…

“Families Matter: Recommendations to Improve Outcomes for Children and Families in Court” by Barbara A. Babb (University of Baltimore – School of Law) and Gloria Danziger (University of Baltimore – School of Law)

Babb, B. A An Interdisciplinary Approach to Family Law Jurisprudence: Application of an Ecological and Therapeutic Perspective Indiana Law Journal, Vol. 72, p. 775, 1997

A youtube clip (8 mins) about TJ in family courts in South Africa (by Magistrate Gabriela McKellar)  Click here


Vicki Lens blog about Tj in mainstream family/child protection courts

Suzanna Fay-Ramirez  Therapeutic Practice through Restorative Justice: Managing Stigma in Family Drug Treatment Court


Protecting, Restoring, Improving: Incorporating Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Restorative Justice Concepts into Civil Domestic Violence Cases

Would you like to share other resources about TJ in the family law area?  Please contact us:

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