From time to time we will post links t0 articles that examine a range of legal areas through the therapeutic jurisprudence lens…

Click on the title to access the full paper

Sex Crimes Litigation as Hazardous Duty: Practical Tools for Trauma-Exposed Prosecutors, Defense Counsel, and Paralegals  Evan R. Seamone Government of the United States of America – Army (June 17, 2014) Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law, Vol. 11, No. 2, 2014

Criminal Law Multitasking, Hadar Dancig-Rosenberg, Bar-Ilan University – Faculty of Law & Tali Gal School of Criminology, University of Haifa (August 14, 2014) Lewis & Clark Law Review, Forthcoming  

If you know of any papers that would be good to share please contact us:

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