In the latest edition of The Alternative Law Journal, Victorian Magistrate Pauline Spencer, explores how therapeutic jurisprudence can provide a way of thinking about how to make our laws and legal systems more humane, just and effective.

“From alternative to the new normal: Therapeutic jurisprudence in the Mainstream”, explores recent developments in therapeutic jurisprudence and, using sentencing law in Victoria as an example, explores David Wexler’s methodology that can be applied to analyse laws and legal systems to examine the potential for increasing their therapeutic impact. This is an excellent resource for law teachers and students who may wish to use this methodology to explore how TJ can improve other areas of the criminal justice and the law more generally.

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4 thoughts on “New article: TJ in mainstream criminal justice

  1. Wonderful! Pauline, is this posted somewhere we can get access (other than subscribing to the ALJ, which was all the link allowed me to do)?


    All the best,




    1. Hi Michael
      The paper and a wonderful legal studies guide based on the paper written by HELEN MacLEOD (co-founder of the Community Legal Education program at ANU Canberra) will be available via SSRN soon. I will post a link when it is up online.


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