TJ is a world-wide movement.  In 2014 this blog was read by people from over 70 different countries.  This blog hosts a number of resources in Spanish and links to other resources in different languages.  

In this blog post, guest blogger Catalina Droppelmann, President of the Chilean Association of Therapeutic Jurisprudence, writes…

chileWe welcome all those interested in knowing more about the Chilean Association of Therapeutic Jurisprudence. Our association was founded in 2013, as a result of the collective effort of an interdisciplinary group of professionals who have been promoting a more therapeutic justice in Chile.

The contact with the criminal justice system can have extremely negative impacts on people’s lives. It can create stigma, psychological damage and social exclusion. Such damage can transcend the individuals involved and may affect their families, their offspring and the communities in which they live.

We are moved by the conviction that justice should promote rather than hinder the wellbeing of the individuals involved in legal conflict, both perpetrators and victims. We know that there are countless untapped procedures and legal rules in the Chilean Criminal Justice System, in which TJ approaches, practices and techniques can be implemented. We know as well, that there are several anti-therapeutic practices in our justice system, affecting individuals’ dignity, which must be denounced.

That is why, all of us who are involved in this Association have been working from academia, the public sector or from the justice system, promoting alternatives to incarceration, human rights, offenders’ social inclusion, victims’ support, restorative practices, community sanctions, drug courts, among other actions. We have also conducted research in order to generate evidence on these issues in the areas of criminal, family and civil law. We know what has been done and what has to be done.

What convenes us then, is putting all our experience, knowledge and professional networks together to create a common voice that promotes the therapeutic consequences of Justice in Chile, avoiding its anti-therapeutic effects.

Contact the Chilean Association via:

Web page


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