For those interested in the judicial compassion, the role of emotion in judicial decision-making and therapeutic jurisprudence practices, it is worth reading Magistrate Michael King’s new book chapter “Compassion and the Courts: The Evolution of an Institution” in a recently published book entitled “Conversations on Compassion”. The book is available at Amazon.

Magistrate King concludes:

“Arguably the form of compassion exercised in taking a solution-focused approach to court practice involves a deeper and more meaningful form of compassion than can be expressed in conventional judging. Instead of feeling concern for a party’s suffering and the court taking action such as making some accommodation in court process,orders or reasons in an endeavour to improve the party’s situation, it involves empowering, encouraging and supporting parties to take responsibility for changing themselves, addressing their underlying issues and thereby removing the basis for their suffering”.

Michael King has written extensively on therapeutic jurisprudence and solutions focused justice.  His earlier articles can be accessed via SSRN.

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