Auckland, Sydney, Prague …2017 is shaping up to be a big year for therapeutic jurisprudence thinkers and practitioners… 

Auckland – AUT Law School Centre for Non- Adversarial Justice symposia 10-14 March 2017

 This event will launch this new Centre and involve:

  •  a stock-take of non-adversarial justice jurisprudence
  • an assessment of specialist mental health courts, and
  • a symposium on how to incorporate the teaching of non-adversarial justice into the law school curriculum.

Each symposium will lead to a book being published in due course relating to the subject matter and the launch of the Journal of Non-Adversarial Justice.

Over the week-end of 11-12 March, there will be a workshop on potential research and collaborations and a dinner; and on 14 March, with the inaugural professorial inaugural address by Warren Brookbanks.

Call for papers (due by January 31 2017)  For further details email Professor Brookbanks or Associate Professor
Gledhill at  

Sydney – The Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration,  Second International Conference on Non-Adversarial Justice: Integrating Theory and Practice.  Sydney, Australia –  6 to 8 April 2017

Consolidating on the successful inaugural Non-Adversarial Justice: Implications for the Legal System and Society Conference, hosted by the AIJA and Monash University Faculty of Law in 2010, the second conference aims:

  • To promote discussion and consolidate knowledge about non-adversarial justice practices operating in justice systems today.
  • To promote dialogue between courts and tribunals and the social sciences in relation to non-adversarial justice practices.
  • To consider the theoretical and practical challenges facing courts in utilising non-adversarial justice practices and programs including ensuring theory is reflected in the practice of non-adversarial justice and vice versa.

Themes Include:

  • Concepts of Non-Adversarial Justice
  • Therapeutic Jurisprudence
  • Restorative Justice
  • Procedural Justice
  • Community Justice
  • Appropriate or Alternative Dispute Resolution (Including mediation, evaluation, negotiation, conciliation and arbitration)
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Dispute Prevention or
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration in the Legal Context
  • Diversion and Intervention Programs
  • Non-Adversarial Justice and vulnerable groups
  • Non-Adversarial Justice and CALD groups
  • Non-Adversarial Justice and Indigenous justice issues
  • Managerial Justice: Non-adversarial and Judicial Control
  • Administrative Decision-making/tribunals
  • Civil/European Legal Approaches
  • Truth and Reconciliation Commissions
  • Apology and Forgiveness
  • Implications on non-adversarial justice for: Judicial officers, Court administrators, the legal profession, victims of crime, litigants, support services, correctional agencies, legal education.

Registrations now open! Conference website here 



Prague –  International Congress on Law and Mental Health, 9-14th of July, 2017


This congress has a dedicated therapeutic jurisprudence stream that attracts the best TJ thinkers from around the world.

A great opportunity to connect professionally and socially with the diverse and vibrant TJ community.

The 2017 congress will also launch the new Therapeutic Juruspurdence member organization. Read more  here.

Visit the Congress website here 

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