The XXXVIth International Congress on Law and Mental Health, hosted by the International Academy of Law and Mental Health (IALMH), will take place in Rome from the 21st to the 27th of July, 2019.

There will be a dedicated Therapeutic Jurisprudence (TJ) stream at the congress.  This is a great opportunity to share ideas with people from many different disciplines who are interested in improving laws and legal systems.


You can submit an abstract for an individual or a panel session for the TJ stream.

Please note that there are separate forms for submissions to the Therapeutic Jurisprudence stream.   TJ Abstract forms are available here.  For the TJ Stream please the TJ individual or session forms.  Please supply keywords, especially for individual submissions so the TJ stream organisers can group like-topics.

Questions about the TJ Stream abstract process: Amy Campbell at or Kathy Cerminara at

Congress logistics or other general congress queries: see the Congress website or contac the Congress organisers:


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4 thoughts on “Therapeutic Jurisprudence in Rome 2019!

  1. Dear madam

    We are therapeutic lawyers in drug court in New Zealand . Is it too late to submit an abstract about therapeutic jurisprudence for drug offenders?


    Helen Bowen


  2. Hi there,

    I am a lawyer from Melbourne, Australia working in a mental heath court. Wondering if it is too late to submit an abstract about mental health courts in this jurisdiction?

    Thanks, Naomi


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