“Therapeutic jurisprudence” is a mouthful, yes? But let’s think about it: How much better would our laws and legal systems be if they were designed mainly to encourage psychologically healthy outcomes? If you understand the significance of this question, then you now comprehend the essence of therapeutic jurisprudence and why it’s so important.  David Yamada

Are you interested in redesigning the law and legal systems?

Let’s grow the international Therapeutic Jurisprudence community in 2019!

If you haven’t already, make sure you have joined the International Society for Therapeutic Jurisprudence and get involved in the Society’s wonderful Chapters and Interest Groups. And spread the word about the Society through your networks.

And let’s keep sharing our ideas and work.

In this blog Karla Gonzalez gives us a run down on all the ways we can share our TJ work

1. Social Science Research Network:

First, to upload to https://ssrn.com/en/ you need to create an account, it is free and easy to do. After you create an account and are logged in, you will click the “Submit a paper” tab in the top menu. You must then add the paper title, date it was written; then provide an abstract for the work, and some keywords.

When uploading the paper, which must be in PDF format, it is recommended to click the “Add paper URL to PDF”, because that way people searching it up online can find the abstract and how to download it more easily. Also it is recommended to select the options under “Availability” for it to be available in search results and in the author page. On the “STATUS” menu to the right, on the References tab you will select if it is an WPS or an APS (working or accepted paper submission). If it is an APS and the Paper series, Journal or Book where it will be published isn’t found, you must click “Enter new reference” and write in under “Complete Reference” the appropriate publication. Finally, on the “STATUS” menu, you will click “Submit to SSRN”.

Once your article is on SSRN you will get a link you can then share through the following methods…

2. Member only TJ Forums on the International Society for Therapeutic Jurisprudence

To have access on the International Society for Therapeutic Jurisprudence website https://www.intltj.com/, you first must become a member of the ISTJ, which has a modest cost of $25 or free for students.

Once you have a member account on intltj.com and are logged in, you will see a tab on the top called TJ Forum. There, the first forum that appears is titled General Inquiries/Items of Interest. You will click it and once on it, click Subscribe. Then “Add topic”, where you will be able to attach and upload the paper and add a description of your publication for others who are subscribed to that forum. Make sure that the box for “Subscribe to this topic” is checked.

You are also welcomed to join and subscribe to other forums for number Interest Groups and Chapters in which you may also want to share the paper, following the same instructions as before. The various interests groups and geographical chapters provide excellent opportunities to share globally the advances in TJ.

Via the online forums you can share an article link, an idea, an event, a resources….whatever you want!

3. TJ Listserv

For the listserv, if you are not already on it, you first must email TJlist+subscribe@googlegroups.com leaving the subject and text of the email blank.

After you are a member on the listserv, you will go to the google group and click “New topic”, write a description and upload the paper, and then click “publish”. This will be sent to other members of the listserv.

4. Write for this ISTJ Blog!

The Blog is a great way to share short articles, resources and ideas to over 1300 followers.

Blog posts generally are less than 1000 words and can be a lot shorter. The blog can link to bigger articles, papers or reports so it can be as simple as just turning your abstract or intro into a blog and then linking to the bigger piece.

If you are interested in being a guest blogger email: mailto:mainstreamtj@gmail.com

5. ISTJ social media. Follow, post and include us on your TJ posts:

Twitter @intlTJsociety

Facebook – Therapeutic Jurisprudence

Instagram: TJInternational


Thanks Karla for that great run down.

How to do TJ research?  Check out this past blog by Nigel Stobbs.


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