The Judicial College of Victoria has published an excellent resource for the judiciary who are navigating new ways of working in the Coronavirus pandemic.

As Judge Lisa Hannan, Chief Magistrate of the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria writes in the forward to the resource:

“During this challenging time there is more onus on us as judicial officers to ensure people feel they have been treated with dignity and respect; that they understand court procedures and orders and can participate fully in their court proceeding. This is particularly the case where parties experience substance addiction, mental or cognitive impairment and/or the impacts of trauma.

Dignity and respect are core values of therapeutic jurisprudence as they are key to maximising the wellbeing of people who are appearing in courts.

This easy to read resource, Courtcraft during the Coronavirus pandemic, provides the judiciary with insights, practical tips and links to further resources including:

  • The importance of acknowledging the impact of the pandemic and praising people’s resilience;
  • How to manage the use of technology
  • The need to focus on consistency and connection
  • Tailoring our approaches to meet the needs of the people appearing in our courts; and
  • Encouraging access to supports.

The TJ Court Craft Series provides practical insights and tools for judges interested in therapeutic jurisprudence, problem solving or solution-focused approaches.  Read other blog posts in the Court Craft Series here.

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