Therapeutic Jurisprudence Conference – Australia

We are looking forward to an excellent Therapeutic Jurisprudence conference in Canberra Australia in February 2023. This conference, presented jointly by the National Judicial College of Australia and the Australian National University, brings together members of the judiciary, academics, policy makers and other experts to consider current issues and challenges in the Australian justice system. … Continue reading Therapeutic Jurisprudence Conference – Australia

Procedural fairness bench card (TJ Court Craft Series #11)

A new bench card on procedural fairness has been developed by the American Judges Association, the Center for Court Innovation, the National Center for State Courts, and the National Judicial College. Read more about this bench card and link to other Procedural Fairness resources on the wonderful blog of Or link straight to a … Continue reading Procedural fairness bench card (TJ Court Craft Series #11)

Forming the International Society for Therapeutic Jurisprudence!

The International Society for Therapeutic Jurisprudence (TJ Society) is a new, non-profit, learned association established to advance therapeutic jurisprudence (TJ), a school of legal philosophy and practice that examines the therapeutic and anti-therapeutic properties of laws and public policies, legal and dispute resolution systems, and legal institutions. TJ values psychologically healthy outcomes in legal disputes … Continue reading Forming the International Society for Therapeutic Jurisprudence!

Therapy and Justice Belong Together

Guest bloggers Arie Freiberg, Emeritus Professor of Law, Monash University and Dr Becky Batagol, Senior Lecturer in Law, Monash University, Co-Authors of Non-Adversarial Justice, explore the role of therapeutic jurisprudence in the justice system... Last week The Australian newspaper published an opinion piece in which Jennifer Oriel argued that that ‘activist judges’ are usurping the role of parliament in promoting … Continue reading Therapy and Justice Belong Together

Responsive judging 

Guest blogger Ann Marie Dewhurst, PhD, Registered Psychologist, reflects on a roundtable discussion - “Responsive Judging” - at the 2016 Law & Society Conference in New Orleans, USA. The panel of four judges included Kevin Burke (USA), Michael Jones(USA), Pauline Spencer (Australia) and Rick Verschoof (Nederland) was facilitated by Tania Sourdin (Dean of Law, University … Continue reading Responsive judging