Recently published in the The Alternative Law Journal“From alternative to the new normal: Therapeutic jurisprudence in the Mainstream” analyses the TJ potential of the existing sentencing law and legal processes in Victoria (Australia) including the potential for judicial supervision during bail, pre-sentence and post sentence.  The paper proposes some areas for potential reform including victim/offender restorative justice, justice reinvestment and expansion of court support.

The paper is an example how David Wexler’s methodology can be applied to analyse laws and legal systems to examine the potential for increasing their therapeutic impact.

Click here to access From alternative to the new normal (via SSRN)

Click here to access the legal studies guide to the paper (by Helen MacLeod co founder of the CLE program ANU (Canberra, Australia)  (via SSRN)

Click here to purchase a copy of the paper via the Alternative Law Journal

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