Therapeutic Jurisprudence (TJ) is an interdisciplinary perspective that has moved from theory to practice and has now attracted the attention of academics and practitioners internationally.   

There are a range of written resources (see International Network on TJ searchable bibliography) but also a great deal of audio and video.  Ideal for those who need a break from reading.  And great resources for teachers and students.

What is available in video and audio….

All Eyes and Ears on TJ: A collection of video and audio resources:  In this resource Samia Yassin (University of Puerto Rico), Lonny Marie Garcia (University of Puerto Rico School of Law) and David Wexler (University of Puerto Rico – School of Law; University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law) have listed a handful of representative videos and audios that are TJ relevant.

Audio: A discussion about Therapeutic Jurisprudence (1 hour) 

And about some particular areas and initiatives…

From Maori Television, a one hour documentary on New Zealand’s Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Courts 

Mental health courts and the challenge of therapeutic jurisprudence ABC Radio National, All in the Mind, April 16 2011 (i.e., Australian ABC) When people with mental illness and cognitive impairments cycle in an out of jail—is there a better solution? ‘Problem solving courts’ are one approach, and shift the relationship between the judge and the judged. Join Natasha Mitchell at a symposium considering the ‘for and against’ with key players in Australia.

Mental Health & the Law 14 March 2001  How well does our criminal justice system cope with defendants whose actions have been affected by mental illness? We take a close look at a new type of court which tackles this question in a novel way. In South Australia – a Mental Health Court has been set up to apply the principles of “therapeutic jurisprudence”. The idea is to address the health issues that lead to criminal behavior. Rather than simply making a finding of “guilty” or “not guilty”- the court takes an active role in securing the treatment and services needed to break the nexus between mental illness and crime.

The New South Wales Children’s Court The Law Report, ABC Radio National, October 11, 2005. Each year thousands of young people pass through the NSW Children’s Court. For many it’s the one-and-only time they’ll brush up against authority. But for others it’s the official kick-off to a lifelong criminal career. And it seems vulnerable kids in need of protection often get a rough deal out of the criminal justice system. Also we look at some innovative ways of short-circuiting potential long-term associations with the law.

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